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Bean to cup coffee machines

Our coffee machines provide coffee solutions to offices and businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

The MYTHOS range

The Mythos range is a top-of-the-range fully automatic BEAN-TO-CUP series of coffee machines for sale. The sleek and elegant machines add aesthetic appeal to any break room or kitchen. The usability features ensure a smooth coffee-making adventure for a perfect cup every time.

The Mythos X1 2.0 OT is compact and powerful. It’s the smallest coffee machine we provide. It is perfect for a small office with its 1.8l tank and 6 programmable selections. It is a small and unobtrusive machine that will keep the whole office happy.

80 Cups per day

6 Programmable Selections

Fresh Milk System

1.8L Water Tank

The elegant and automatic Mythos eXeL is the big brother of the Mythos X1 2.0 OT with a 120 daily cup allowance and programmable selections, but it has a larger water tank and 1 kg bean hopper. 

6L Water Tank

100 Cups per day

6 Programmable Selections

Fresh Milk System

Mythos Duo Touch

R 29 000.00 (excl. vat) R 33 350.00 (incl. vat)

The Duo Touch is programmable and customizable. It’s bigger, comes with a high-definition 7’’ LCD touch screen, 24 programmable selections, 2 pumps and 1kg bean hopper. It can also be connected directly to a water source so you don’t have to worry about refilling the tank.

6L Water Tank

120 Cups per day

Fresh Milk System

24 Programmable Selections

Cup Warmer

In addition to the excellent coffee machines, we also provide Mythos’ 2lt Milk Cooler. Keeping milk at the right temperature is very important for the perfect cup of machine coffee.

The milk flask is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee machine. This stainless steel vacuum flask keeps the milk cold and ready for the preparation of the next cappuccino.

The SCHAERER range

Schaerer adds Swiss coffee competence and 125 years’ innovation to our options of coffee machines for sale. They were some of the first developers of high-volume coffee machines and today they still unite superior technology with an indulgence of the senses.

Schaerer Club

R 67 150.00 (excl. vat) R 77 222.50 (incl. vat)

The Schaerer Club is an entry-level model for professional coffee preparation and is ideal for small companies, hotels, and convenience stores. The Shraerer Club can serve up to 80 cups per day, has a 4.5L tank, 7″ touch screen a milk foaming and steam-it setting. The grinder comes with a 550g hopper and its powder dispenser with a 450g hopper. It also allows for cup pre-heating and an auto-cleaning option.

80 Cups per day

Fresh Milk System

Milk Smart Foaming

Grinder & Powder Dispenser

Cup Pre-heating

4.5L Water Tank

Enjoy the range of responsibly and sustainably sourced and processed coffee beans and ground coffee on offer.

Stay hydrated with our range of purified water solutions for your office.

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