From coffee beans to coffee machines – we supply it all. Life Happens. Coffee Helps From coffee beans to coffee machines – we supply it all. Life Happens. Coffee Helps

Coffee is

not just a drink...

It’s an event, a bit of encouragement when you need it, a soothing warmth if you’re feeling anxious. That is why life is just too short for a bad cup of coffee. High-end bean-to-cup coffee machines are perfect for the office where coffee is a drink of choice.

At 62 Waters you can invest in the coffee machine that meets your needs and stock up on coffee beans and consumables. We provide a wide range of high-end coffee machines for sale as well as a selection of quality coffee beans and ground coffee.

62 Waters is based in Centurion, but our distributions centres extend our reach all throughout Gauteng, the Western Cape, and Durban. From our centres, we provide you with the coffee beans and consumables on a bi-weekly schedule or as arranged to ensure the office never runs out of coffee.

Who and what is 62 Waters

What We Do

We supply small to large businesses with water and coffee solutions for the office. We are experts in the bottled water industry with more than 70 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages. We apply the same expertise in customer relations and service provision to the supply of bean to cup coffee machines and coffee beans.

Our Mission

To always provide the best-bottled water, water dispensers,coffee machines and consumables.  We cultivate and cherish lasting relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers to ensure you always remain happy, hydrated and caffeinated.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and efficient supplier of purified water and high-end coffee machines for sale or rent. We are always in the loop with the latest technology and pride ourselves in the excellence of our services, quality of our coffee beans and dedication to our internationally accredited “hands-free” process of water purification.

Our products and services

62 Waters is passionate about providing water and coffee solutions

Coffee machines

We supply high-end bean to cup coffee machines. We are proud to include 125 years’ worth of Swiss coffee machine expertise, as well as award-winning designs and coffee machines that are remarkably easy to use. Making the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t have to be a difficult task; we make sure that it isn’t. The coffee machines we supply work perfectly for coffee lovers in small- to medium-sized offices. They easily supply up to 80 cups of espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and more a day. You’ll never have to be without your perfectly crafted cup of coffee ever again.

Coffee beans

We make sure you have the correct coffee beans you need for your machine by partnering with the best suppliers. CaféKreme is a Gauteng-based company with a national footprint. They have been providing coffee lovers in the corporate sector with a wide range of premium quality coffee since 2007 and it is now easy to have your coffee beans and ground beans delivered along with your water dispenser refills. Choosing the right beans for your machine can be tricky at first; we’ve selected the two most popular and delicious beans, so you have the perfect cuppa every time.

Water solutions

An office needs more than just coffee. While being caffeinated is great, it is just as important to stay properly hydrated with balanced and healthy water. At 62 Waters, you can purchase or rent a water dispenser (or two depending on the size of your office) that suits your needs just as perfectly as the coffee machines. Our water solutions include bottled water that is ready to grab and go for those on the move, a variety of water dispensers, large refill bottles, and various machine add-ons. Our water is always perfectly purified and balanced to be healthy and delicious.


62 Waters’ coffee and water solutions include delivery and repair services. We work with you to determine the best day to receive your biweekly delivery of coffee beans and water refills from a dedicated delivery team. The office will never be left without some fuel to keep it going. Should your coffee machine or water dispenser act up or malfunction, we will ensure that a repairman gets to you as soon as possible to assess the problem, make the repairs necessary, or suggest a plan of action to get things back up and running.

If you want to know more about our water and coffee solutions, the water dispensers and coffee machines for sale or rent, our delivery and repair services,or the different payment options available to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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