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All you need is quality coffee machines and beans

62 Waters – uncompromising on products and services

62 Waters is in the business of providing consumers with the nourishing beverage solutions they need for the office or home.

We focus on water, dispensers, coffee machines and coffee for machines. With more than 70 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages, we are experts in the bottled water industry, and we extend that expertise to our coffee machines and coffee machine rentals to provide the beverage solutions offices and home offices are looking for.

As excellent as the coffee machines and beans that we supply are, our service quality and relationships with customers is the true feather in our cap. From friendly sales staff that can answer all your questions to dedicated delivery personnel that customers get to know and trust, our teams work together to make water and coffee more than just a drink – it is an experience in superb attendance and immaculate products.

Either way, we know that happy employees mean happy customers, and happy customers translate to good business. We supply water dispensers and coffee machines that cater to the number of people in your office so no one is left wanting. In other words, we help keep your employees and customers happy, hydrated and caffeinated. In this endeavor, we promise to continue to do what we have always done – provide our customers with the exceptional quality services they are used to.

From the very first sales inquiry through to delivery and subsequent replenishment of consumables, you will always receive timely and friendly service.

62 Waters also wants our customers to be educated on the beverages they consume. Our blogs and newsletter will always be educational so you can be knowledgeable about what you put into your body and make decisions accordingly.

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A 62 Waters promise

62 Waters aims to provide the best-bottled water, water dispensers, coffee machines and consumables a business needs.

To this end, we follow our internationally accredited “hands-free” process of ensuring the water you drink is pure and healthy every time. We also supply high-end coffee machines as well as some of the best beans in South Africa. We further supply our clients with all the consumables our customers need to accompany their water and coffee solutions.

Furthermore, 62 Waters promises to cultivate and cherish lasting quality relationships with our customers, regardless of whether the relationship is brand-spanking new or already well-established. We lead clients through the process of investing in the water and coffee equipment and consumable solutions that will suit their needs. 

“Quality is something we can never and will

never compromise on.”

– Jan Boshoff, Director.

A 62 Waters future

At 62 Waters we want to be the most reliable and efficient supplier of purified water and high-end coffee machines for sale.

We want the water you drink to always be clean, pure, and healthy, and we want you to stay informed. We endeavor to keep our water healthy and tasting great with the latest technology, thorough quality checks, regular revisions of our recipe and complete dedication to our internationally accredited “hands-free” process of water purification.

We want the coffee you drink to always be top-notch and fresh. That’s why we will continue to only partner with the best to provide fresh coffee beans and ground coffee.

We want you to always have access to our products. That’s why we continue to improve and enlarge our established distribution network and support our outlets that service outlying areas.

The 62 Waters ethos

At 62 Water, some important values govern our work ethic. They guarantee that we reach our goals, exceed expectations, and continue to set the pace in the industry.
Committed + -

The relationships we build is part of the foundation of 62 Waters. From a dedicated delivery guy to a trustworthy supplier, we are committed to our relationships with customers, employees, and partners.

Reliable + -

Whether it be sales, delivery, or repairs, we will always do our best to ensure you receive the products you need. We will also keep them in a good working order.

Pure + -

Our water is perfectly purified, our products sanitized, and the coffee beans quality controlled. You can rest easy with clean, healthy products and consumables.

Timely + -

We are serious about providing timely and consistent deliveries and repairs for every customer on every occasion.

“Our customers can always expect friendly,

knowledgeable, and fast service.”

 Ilze Bredenkamp, Sales Executive.

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