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Uncompromising on excellent coffee and water

62 Waters supplies small, medium, and large businesses with water and coffee solutions.

We provide the purified bottled water, water dispensers, coffee machines, and beans you need to keep your workforce hydrated, caffeinated, and happy.

We understand that businesses and offices come in all different shapes and sizes; therefore, we have a wide variety of water dispensers, coffee machines and service solutions. It’s your choice whether you want to buy outright, rent a machine, or rent to buy. We also supply our customers with machine extras like cup dispensers for the water coolers, or milk flasks to go with your coffee machine.

62 Water builds a relationship with our customers, and we go out of our way to ensure that your products are delivered to you at your convenience and in a timely fashion.

We supply:

Coffee Machines –

Bean to cup solutions

A reliable coffee machine assures that you have a great start to your day time and time again. A reliable coffee machine also means that it produces the same perfect cup of coffee every time you press the button. From small 1.8l water tank, 80 cups per day espresso machines to a machine that has the option of a direct water connection, so you never have to worry about refilling a tank; just press a button and enjoy a perfect espresso, cappuccino, or latte. We have it all and you will find the perfect coffee machine for sale or rent to suit your office size and culture. It’s not just coffee machines though, keeping the milk you use cold and fresh is just as important so every cappuccino is perfectly frothed.

To provide the best coffee machines for sale or rent we partner with the leading experts in the coffee machine business. We also have machines that are known for their ease of use, premium quality, and sleek looks. These machines are not just perfectly functional but also beautiful works of aesthetic engineering.

Have a look at our coffee machines here.

Coffee Beans –

Quality beans mean a quality drink

A great cup of coffee cannot be made without the perfect selection of coffee beans.

Choosing the right beans is a science all by itself. You have to select the right type of beans for your machine. You have to consider the flavour profile you are after, from fruity to full-bodied to alternately flavoured. Do you choose a coffee roasted light, medium, or dark? The possibilities are almost endless.

At 62 Waters we have made these choices a bit easier and partnered with a top-class supplier of coffee beans to provide some of the best coffee for machines. We have selected three roasts that are universally loved and enjoyed so everyone has a taste adventure they will enjoy in every cup

Our supplier is focused on providing coffee beans of the highest standard and it is only the highest standards that will do at 62 Waters. Sit back and breathe in the aromas of your perfect cup of Joe while also enjoying coffee and water deliveries on a biweekly schedule.

Find out more about our coffee bean supplier here.

Water Solutions –

Pure and healthy hydration

At 62 Waters we pride ourselves on providing customers with some of the best purified water in South Africa. We supply bottled water, water dispensers, machine add-ons, and great refill services.

Our water is perfectly purified every time following an internationally accredited “hands-free” process. The result is a perfectly balanced water with a light and refreshing taste that is both healthy and enjoyable.

Provide your customers and employees with the already bottled water for sale and even add your company’s logo and details to the label. Invest in a water dispenser that you can buy or rent to have a fresh and purified water solution always at the ready for your office.

Water dispenser refills will be delivered to your door bi-weekly or as arranged with head office, and we will also sanitize your water cooler to prevent bio-film or bacterial build-up. If your water dispenser or cooler is on the fritz, we will have a technician at your place asap to assess the problem and make repairs.

Learn more about our water solutions here.

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